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For more than ten years, zhongnuo adheres to the business purpose of customer first, credit oriented, new competition, quality win, and bases itself on the market with high quality products. Some of its products have been widely used in key projects at home and abroad

Zhongnuo artificial intelligence fresh air system

To animate the cold machine to animate the static air

Three dimensional dynamic balance optimization of indoor air
Positive and negative pressure actively pumping and exhausting indoor exhaust gas
Isolate outdoor gas and purify indoor gas

Nourish the degree of

Three dimensional comprehensiveness
Nourish the breathing

Pure and fresh degree

One house dead

zhongnuo the degree of

Double purification module

Zhongnuo ventilation  Purify air

Live simply and breathe healthy

The fresh air

Reject inferior materials

Instead of opening Windows, zhongnuo ventilation and fresh air exchanger introduces outdoor fresh oxygen air and transmits it to the room after filtration
Turbidity air through the door and window gap continued to eliminate, indoor air to keep fresh and clean

Three layers of filtering

Air filtration and purification

Zhongnuo ventilation initial filtration rate network, activated carbon filter screen, high efficiency HEPA filter screen three layers of filtration
Effectively reduce the PM10, PM2.5 in the air, to ensure that the indoor air is clean and fresh

Smart APP

One key control fresh air

Intelligent APP control, to meet different comfort requirements, touch LCD intelligent furniture
Automatic adjustment of wind speed/switch/automatic operation, mobile phone APP control fresh air at any time

Intelligent fresh air system Make life more interesting

Indoor and outdoor care Take care of the family and breathe

Fresh air exchanger

Enjoy life

Heat recovery will be carried out when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large,
Reduce indoor heat and cold loss, reduce the air conditioning load, the outdoor fresh gas through filtering purification, so that the air inside the four seasons like spring。

Jingjiang Zhongnuo Ventilation Equipment Co., LTD

Fan coil

Warm and cool

Zhongnuo fan coil superior performance, reasonable structure design, stable atmosphere
Comfortable design, hot and cold dual use。

air conditioning terminal


Engaged in the design, development, manufacture, installation and service of central air-conditioning system engineering
Some products produced by the company have been widely used in key projects at home and abroad
Many times by the user's praise。

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